Why Would You Leave Your Job?

So you have decided to look for a new job – why ?

The answer may be simple:

  • Redundancy
  • Moving to another part of the Country
  • Your Employer has gone Bust

However, if you are leaving voluntarily, before you look for a new job it is important to look at the reasons why first.

1. You feel it is time to ‘move on’

This is one of the most common reasons why people want to leave their job, but try to develop why you feel like this.

2. You wake up each morning feeling a ‘dread’ about going into work.

This again is a reason we do hear, as the person may be being bullied by a co-worker or their Boss, or the job they are doing is causing them stress.

3. You have been with your Employer for several years.

In today’s workplace, it is estimated that a young person entering the work place will change their career 3 or 4 times before they retire, due to economic change. If, however, you have been with your Employer for several years then please sit down and develop why you want to leave.

4. You feel that to progress/learn new skills then you need to leave.

Is this because you have hit a ‘glass ceiling’ and your Boss won’t give you new challenges? Understand and develop the reasons for your desire to move, and then look outside for potential opportunities!

5. You want to work closer to home

We are finding this is becoming a much more common reason as we become more ‘time poor’ and people will ‘trade in’ their salary for a job that will save them an hour a day in travel time.

All of these reasons are perfectly valid, but it is important that you are clear in your mind why these reasons are happening. You cannot always fix them by staying where you are.

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