Writing The Perfect CV

Are you working in a Firm of Chartered Accountants and looking for a new job? You’re going to need to make sure that you write the perfect CV that makes you stand out!

You might see CV’s in this digital age as almost ‘Dickensian’ but potential Employers still rely on this document as a precursor to meeting you. CV’s are one of the only ways that potential employers can differentiate between candidates in the early stages of an application process.

There is no ‘silver bullet’ that makes the perfect CV but the following tips will help you to get started:

  1. Don’t use fancy fonts/colour/images/boxes
  2. Put your name AND address on the top of the CV including your post code.
  3. Put your current job first with the start date and if you are still there note the word ‘present’
  4. On each job state your job title and the name of your Employer with their sector
  5. Under each job try to be succinct about your responsibilities/experience.
  6. Every job is UNIQUE so make sure that if you have very specific experience that is required in the job, that you use the words and descriptors in the advert in your CV. So don’t send out the same CV for every job without ‘tweaking’ it first.
  7. If you have been with one employer and/or been promoted list those jobs in historical order.

If you would like some personal guidance on writing a cover letter, see this article!

If you do need any help or guidance on writing a CV and you work in a Firm of Chartered Accountants please call Ian Hodge on 07725 953346.